Delivering on the UC Promise: Providing Equitable STEM Education Opportunities for California

Meeting Agenda

Friday November 16, 2018
Time Speaker / Title (YouTube hyperlink) Location
5:30 Social Hour and Light Dinner Loma Pelona 1100
7:00 Dean Pierre Wiltzius, UC Santa Barbara / Welcome Loma Pelona 1100
7:10 Linda Adler-Kassner, UC Santa Barbara / Helping Students Access Expertise in STEM Disciplines Loma Pelona 1100
7:30-8:00 Carl Wieman, Stanford University / Achieving institutional change in science teaching; a large scale experiment Loma Pelona 1100
Saturday November 17, 2018
Time Speaker / Title (YouTube hyperlink) Location
8:30 Coffee, Juice, muffins, etc. Loma Pelona 1108
9:00 Joel Rothman, UC Santa Barbara / Meeting Overview Loma Pelona 1108
9:05 Morris Maduro, UC Riverside / Improved Outcomes in a Hybrid Intro Bio Course with Optional Lectures Loma Pelona 1108
9:20 Enrique Hernandez, UC Santa Barbara / The Promise Scholar Program: ensuring academic success for low income, first generation, and underrepresented students at the UCSB Loma Pelona 1108
9:35 Ira Clark, UC Los Angeles / Beyond the CURE: Leveraging discovery to create opportunities for STEM excellence Loma Pelona 1108
9:50 Norbert Reich, UC Santa Barbara / Highly effective active learning in a one-year Biochemistry series with limited resources Loma Pelona 1108
10:05 Coffee Break Loma Pelona 1108
10:30 Mike Wilton, UC Santa Barbara / Improving academic performance, belonging, and retention through a structured introductory biology course Loma Pelona 1108
10:50 Natascha Buswell, UC Irvine / Swimming Upstream: Experiences of STEM Faculty Pursuing Non-R1 Positions Loma Pelona 1108

Rolf Christoffersen, UC Santa Barbara / Biomentors: a Peer Mentoring Program for Introductory Biology 
(Christoffersen PowerPoint.pdf)

Loma Pelona 1108
11:30 Michael McKibben, UC Riverside / A Decade of Comprehensive Data on the Outcomes of First-year STEM Learning Communities at UCR Loma Pelona 1108
12:00 Lunch and Posters Loma Pelona 1100
1:15 Lalo Gonzalez, UC Santa Barbara / BIOME and RUMBLE: Promoting Self-efficacy, Community and Academic Success of First-year Students from Vulnerable Populations Loma Pelona 1108
1:35 John Matsui, UC Berkeley / Berkeley Scholars Program Loma Pelona 1108 & Patio
1:55 Brian Sato, UC Irvine / Building a change ecosystem: Leveraging stakeholders from the institution to the individual to improve STEM education Loma Pelona 1108
2:15 Laura Beaster-Jones, UC Merced / Using student-authored narratives to explore student values, self-efficacy and sense of belonging in an introductory biology course Loma Pelona 1108
2:45 Coffee Break Loma Pelona 1108
3:15 Sara Brownell, Arizona State Univ. / Exploring the experiences of students with covert social identities in active learning classrooms Loma Pelona 1108
3:45 Timothy A. McKay, Univ. of Michigan /  Equity in STEM Education – Using data for multi-institution exploration and experiment Loma Pelona 1108
4:15 Lark Park, UC Regent, Director, California Education Learning Lab, and former higher education advisor to Governor Edmund G. Brown Jr. /  California Education Learning Lab 1.0 Loma Pelona 1108
4:45-5:45 Workshop: Andrew Estrada Phuong, UC Berkeley & Judy Nguyen, Stanford University / Applying Adaptive Equity-Oriented Pedagogies to Improve Equity in Student Outcomes: Lessons from Randomized Controlled Trials / Loma Pelona 1100
4:45-5:45 Meeting Attendees / Group Discussion on Future of UC STEM Faculty Learning Community Loma Pelona 1108
5:00-7:00 Social Hour and Appetizers Loma Pelona 1108 & Patio



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